3D Modelling

At Grey Bear we undertake our projects differently to the 'traditional' view of how an architect works. Every project is modelled on the computer rather than drawn. From this computer model we can view your plans, sections and elevations.

View at Home

By modelling the project, you will able to walk through your scheme before any work starts on site. This enables you to ensure the design is exactly what you want rather than trying to visualise this from traditional paper plans and elevations. 

Test Ideas

The 3D model enables us to quickly test ideas, colours, interiors etc. to try out styles and designs to ensure the project meets your requirements.

We can email you the 3D model to view at home or show your neighbours. We have also issued the 3D model to builders to ensure everyone understands the design intent.


By producing plans and elevations from one 3D model we are not having to recreate a new drawing every time. The time and cost saved in this efficiency is passed on to our clients.

Walk Through



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