Terms and Conditions


Design Process

It should be noted that we cannot guarantee approval by Planning, Building Control or any other statutory authority, however we endeavour to work with these bodies to achieve your requirements as far as possible. We will keep in regular contact with you and ask for approval in writing or by email that you approve any drawings or documents prior to submission to any statutory authority or building contractor.

Expenses and Disbursements

To provide clarity of costs to our clients, we include all reasonable expenses and disbursements to our clients. This includes Digimap data, postage within Guernsey, one copy of drawing prints at full size upon completion of each work stage, drawing prints required to submit to Planning, Building Control and for tender and issue with the building contract if you have appointed us for this stage, together with travel within Guernsey to meetings and site visits. Expenses such as (but not limited to) travel outside of Guernsey or additional printing will be charged separately and discussed with you prior to incurring costs.

Other Fees

Our fees noted in our introductory offers or any subsequent fee proposal do not include fees for Planning, Bornement and Building Control. 


To ensure our clients can plan their finances we issue invoices at the end of the month once a work stage as noted above has been completed or drawings have been issued to Planning/ Building Control. We will endeavour to provide you with sufficient notice of an upcoming invoice in this respect. Where you have requested to appoint us on an hourly rate basis, we will also inform you of the upcoming invoice sum together with a full breakdown of our hours spent.


Hourly rate for Chartered Architect Emma Carter                 -           £65 per hour

Scope of service

The introductory offer fees or any subsequent fee proposal are for the scope of service as defined in the offer and detailed in the agreed client brief. Any change to the brief or additional information requested by you or any third party will be discussed with you and confirmed in writing in order that we can provide you with a cost for this additional or amended work. If you are looking to make a change to the brief or our scope of works please inform us as soon as possible so that we can endeavour to avoid abortive work and unnecessary costs to you.


Protracted Negotiations with Planning or Building Control

We endeavour as far as possible to obtain Planning and Building Control approval for our clients, however it should be noted that this is not always possible or sometimes takes more than one submission into Planning, such as with a deferral and listed properties. Should we enter into protracted negotiations with any statutory authority which requires additional work by us, we will discuss this with you and reserve the right to request additional fees for this additional work which can either be on an hourly rate or fixed fee.


Other Consultants

Due to the nature of construction projects, it is likely that other consultants will be required at certain stages of the process. This includes (but is not limited to) structural engineers, quantity surveyors, asbestos surveyors and other specialist consultants. The use of qualified professional consultants is highly recommended and although we may suggest use of particular consultants, it is your responsibility for your appointment with them and this appointment is directly between yourself and the consultant. We hold no accountability for the quality or cost of work undertaken by others.